Terms of business

1) The Hirer accepts responsibility to make sure all payments have been made for the full outstanding balance 5 days prior to the booking. The only exception to this is if you have written confirmation of account facilities.
2) The Hirer is fully responsible for any damage or mess other than the standard litter, created or left on the vehicle. If any member of the hirer’s group is ill i.e. vomiting on the vehicle a surcharge of £50 per incident will be made. Payment for any damages will be made by yourselves in full within 7 days of invoice.
3) NO alcohol or Hot Food is to be carried or consumed on the vehicle at any time. One exception to this would be on a shopping trip but any alcohol will be required to be stored in under body lockers.
4) On return journeys from Private Hire bookings we do allow additional drops, these should always be agreed in advance so that we may inform the driver what has been requested, drivers will not carry out additional drops that have not been pre-arranged. Any extra agreed drops will be shown on your confirmation.
5) The company are unable to accept responsibility for missed connections if the delay is due to adverse road conditions, breakdowns or traffic delays. We are always happy to suggest routes and times to customers but the times of the booking are your decision and adequate time should be allowed to cover these eventualities.
6) Lost property will be stored at our depot for a period of 2 months only and can be claimed between the hours 09.00hrs – 17.00hrs Mon – Fri. We undertake to look after any lost property whilst in our care we cannot however return lost property, we will however do our best to aid collection and if necessary try to package any objects for a courier to collect.
7) Holman Coaches do not take any responsibility for luggage or property left on or carried on one of our vehicles.
8) Cancellation Charges, Cancellation of booking up to:
Seven Days prior to Travel Date – 25% of total Charges.*
Three Days prior to Travel Date – 40% of total Charges.*
If cancelled within 24 hours of Travel – 50% of total charges
* only applies to coach hire and does not include extra costs such as ferry’s, entrance tickets, accommodation etc
9) All male groups by prior arrangement ONLY.                                                   
10) Please note that all our vehicles are NON SMOKING.
11) On confirmation of booking you agree to accept our TERMS & CONDITIONS. It is the responsibility of the hirer to make their group aware of the conditions.